Usability testing of the MegaFon online store

MegaFon has its own online store, which is used by hundreds of thousands of people a month, who purchase goods worth millions of rubles. In a product of this scale, every detail is important - fixing just one bottleneck in the interface can increase conversions by several percent, which means increasing profits by six figures. User House has undertaken usability testing of such a product with pleasure and honor.


To make a successful online store even more successful: conduct usability testing, identify any, even the most insignificant, bottlenecks and provide recommendations for eliminating them. Conduct comparative testing of competitors for successful interface solutions.


The new MegaFon online store interface was developed taking into account the recommendations based on the results of the comparative usability testing, became more efficient in terms of the main indicators: conversion from visitor to customers, the number of "abandoned carts" and the average check.