In 2010, was faced with an ambitious task: to launch its own payment system, which would be on par with its competitors existing at that time: Yandex.Money, WebMoney and RBK Money. Since the functionality of payment systems is quite similar, often ease of learning and ease of use are two of the decisive factors when choosing a particular one. We were entrusted with analyzing these and other user characteristics of the first version of Den’ and the study of competitive systems.


To develop a set of recommendations for improving the interface of the Den’ payment system based on an expert assessment of the version that existed at that time and analysis of successful solutions in competing systems.


The developed recommendations formed the basis for the second, modified version of the Den’ payment service. Correction of typical interface errors, as well as the integration of successful solutions, allowed the new system to quite quickly stand on a par with competitors, and to even surpass them in some parameters. The customer received not only recommendations for interface refinement, but also a detailed analysis of the competitors' interfaces.